Beautiful Fragrant 100% Soy Candles to Spice Up Your Fundraising!

Scents for All Seasons, with the perfect fragrance to capture the mood...

Quality MATTERS !

Made with the highest quality soy wax and top shelf fragrances.

40% Profit on All Candles

4 sizes:

16 oz – Sells for $19.00

14 oz – Sells for $16.00

13 oz – Sells for $16.00

4.5 oz – Sells for $10.00



Harcourt Fundraising





Heartland Candles manufactures premium, high quality candles. They are all hand-made on their farm in the midwest of America, using only the finest ingredients.


They produce only all natural, 100% soy wax candles, for a clean, non-toxic candle that you will truly enjoy. Ingredients are made in America, meaning you get a true American product.


We invite you to look at Heartlands candle lines, read about the quality of soy wax candles, and learn more about how we can provide you with the best candles available.

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